Dogecoin (DOGE) Drops to $0.0021 Overnight; Declines by 8.98%

Dogecoin (DOGE) Drops to $0.0021 Overnight; Declines by 8.98%

Dogecoin price is currently battling with the bear. There is a strong indicating that the price might fall and touch the 90-day low at $0.020 soon. The downtrend in the coin is tremendous. The same is anticipated to remain intact for the upcoming days. Yesterday, DOGE price was seen dealing at a high $0.002510 of and a low of $0.002298. The price has already dropped below yesterday’s low.

Dogecoin Price Prediction
Yesterday, Dogecoin started dealing at $0.002345. The price recovered in the later hours. The coin went up to $0.0024050. Further, the currency dropped to $0.002293 by 4.54% drop. The fall remained intact and took the value of DOGE to $0.002221 from $0.0024005 by 7.49%. The coin closed at $0.002193, which dropped from $0.002264 by 3.21%. The overall intraday regression was 6.58%. Today, Dogecoin’s price dropped from $0.002216 to $0.002096. Recently, the price is spotted, touching $0.0021350.

Dogecoin’s tremendous fall has disappointed many traders. The coin is popularly known for its stable move under extreme pressure. This would be one in the few times when the coin has reflected a huge fall.

The current price of Dogecoin is at $0.002135. The coin is speculated to fall below the major level at $0.00206. The traders are highly recommended to hold their investment for now as this is not considered as the best time for investment.

  • 2019-12-01